Véronique Lecomte, architecte d'intérieur
Portrait Véronique Lecomte  

. Graduated from Camondo U.C.A.D in 1989

. Began her career in the firms of Claude Vasconi in 1990 and Laurent Bourgois in 1992

. In 1993, while pregnant with her second child, she decides to set up her own business.

For the past 17 years, she has done five to six refurbishments per year of houses, apartments and stores and since then for the past ten years she has participated in trade fairs like Maison&Objet.

Her inspiration: Charlotte Perriand, Gleen Murcutt & Rudy Ricciotti (architects), Alejandro-Gonzales Inarritu (film-maker), Andreas Gursky (photographer) et «  L’éloge de l’ombre » from Junichiro Tanizak (writer).

Well-travelled and curious, Véronique likes nothing better than new adventures and meeting new people.

Her motto : « Make spaces as functionnal and as flexible as possible. »

The most important for her : « Light, volumes, circulation, materials, colors. »

The best advice given to her : « Take your independence. »

How does she see herself : « Like an orchestra conductor. Listening to the needs and wishes of my clients, I define the specifications with them, involving solutions that respect the spirit of the espaces, but also embracing modernity. I never lose sight of the objectives and the deadline. »

Her greatest satisfaction : « Clients who come back, thrilled. »